Material technologies for post-combustion CO2 capture and utilization network

An increasing amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs, e.g. CO2, CH4) is warming up the atmosphere and consequently increasing the extreme weather conditions around the globe. Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) have been realized as an integral part of achieving a low carbon sustainable future. The CCU-net program will address the mobility between researcher groups and focus on training of highly qualified personnel in the strategic field of carbon capture. Technologies and expertise for the CO2-capture and fixation into “CO2-neutral” fuels and chemicals are urgently needed. Therefore the technical frame of the project focuses on porous adsorbents for CO2 capture and conversion, utilizing adsorption processes. Based on the expertise of the four different partners in the project consortium (DTU, Luleå University of Technology, University of Oslo and University of Eastern Finland), the project will provide training, Ph.D. project collaboration and exchange of Ph.D. and postdocs. The technical focus will be on the synthesis and processing of tailored adsorbents for CO2 capture and conversion technologies, development of advanced shaping technologies, modeling, and testing of materials.

Contact Person

Andreas Kaiser
Associate Professor
DTU Energy
+45 46 77 58 89

Funding agency

Nordic Research Council